Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter blooms

As we were gathering our things to head home the day after Thanksgiving, my mother handed us a small ceramic pot with a narrow green shoot.
Paperwhites, she said,
they're lovely when they bloom.

She's always started winter bulbs, as long as I can remember... sitting on the sunniest windowsill of the house, growing with incredible audacity in the warm room during the cold months. We brought it home, and set it on the kitchen windowsill.

Sure enough, it grew visibly, and daily
and this week it burst into bloom...
Daring to blossom in the coldest of Seattle weather,
since it doesn't know any better,
having lived all its days indoors.


Albert said...

Hi there,
Kevin has told me a bit about you and referred me to ur blog. I am typing this out on my iPhone in a NYC cab on a rainy night.
Had to share this-I am a psycologist training to be an analyst...a supervisor shared an excellent piece of advice yesterday. 'A bulb knows best how to become a hyasynth (no spell), beautiful, fragrant blossoms.' just create conditions...simple balance. SO anyway, hello! Love some bulbs and wanted to share. I will spare you the living in Holland bulb stories..
Power to the Wee People.

theresa said...

I can almost smell them. Made me want to go out and pull my pot of the same from the cold sunroom. A nice treat it would be on this cold and snowy day. But! Am going to hold off and save them for Christmastime when you're up this way. You can enjoy round two of the paperwhites then!